Meditation on the Devil

07/06/2013 19:05

Emphasise reconciliation, not resolution. I must choose to be honest with God. Sun Tzu said: In war we do not need to have the largest army in order to win. It is important not to advance recklessly. When we concentrate our forces so they match those of the enemy. If we respect the enemy's strength and carefully study his movements, we will win. If we underestimate the enemy and do not consider the meaning of his movements, we will lose.

V-15 For the skilled executive, opportunity is like a launching pad and timing is the trigger that will shoot a missile with deadly accuracy.

III- 12 The philosophy of competitive strategy is this: If your customer base is already five to ten times larger than your competitors', press the competition hard through aggressive service. Dominate the situation with your presence. Spend your resources on research and innovation.

"No one can serve two masters.

Either he will hate the one and love the other,

or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.

You can not serve both God and Money."

Matthew 6:24

To fulfill your mission will require that you abandon your agenda and accept God's agenda for your life.